Halloween Thriller Mixer Dance

See the instructional video here.

Thriller Mixer Dance

Choreographed by Danielle Blouin-Oats and Agnes Mazlanka

1-4      Head Tick on 1, back to normal on 2, Tick on 3, normal on 4.

Head Tick Left for leaders, Right for followers 2 times

5-8      Elvis Knee (leaders left, followers right 2 times)

Twist knee inward on 1 and 3, straight on 2 and 4.

1-4      Head Tick 2 times

5-8      Elvis Knee 2 times

1-4      2 Ghoulish Walks- 2 beats per step (leaders start w/left foot, followers start w/right foot)

5-8      Starter Step

1-4      Basic WCS Fold

5-8      4 Stomps while rotating back to partner (leaders R, followers L)

1-4      Underarm Turn w/Clap on 3, Step Side on 4 with arms straight out.  Follower should be in front of Leader both facing in the same direction.

5-8      4 Shimmys on 5-and-6-and, Anchor on 7 & 8

1-8      Whip w/Coaster on 7 & 8.  Both dancers should rotate on coaster to face Line-of-dance.

Leaders Right foot should step forward line-of-dance on 8.  Followers are opposite.

1-8      Thriller Walks start line-of-dance (counter-clockwise) (Leaders Left, Followers Right)

1-2      Walk-walk (claws up)

3          twist -step-in-place 180 to opposite direction

4          twist -step-in-place 180 to line-of-dance

5-6      Walk-walk (claws up) – clockwise

7-8      Walk, Walk & Turn to face Partner.  Re-connect (leaders R, followers L)

1-2      Walk Walk (Leader walks back) Prep follower for spin.

3-4      Follower Free spins to a Rib – chest press with Right hand on 4

5-8      Followers spin in place or can travel slightly towards center (single or double),

5-8      Leaders Step-Spin-Slide Left to next partner (clock-wise)

 Practice to Performance from Halloween 2012:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptRED2hSXZM