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Mission Accomplished

In March 2010, a few individuals formed Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association (TBWCSA), a volunteer organization, to promote West Coast Swing in the Tampa Bay area.  At that time, the area had only one small weekly dance and one monthly dance.  The mission of TBWCSA was to promote and encourage the dance and represent the swing community at a state and national level.  Our mission was also to preserve, promote the enjoyment of dance, and support members to improve their dance as well as offer support to those less fortunate in time of need.  Now, with more than 300 West Coast Swing dancers in the Tampa Bay area, several weekly dances and group lessons hosted by professional instructors, we can proudly say… Mission Accomplished!

TBWCSA has volunteered at the Tampa Bay Classic, Sweetheart Classic and other events in our state.  We have provided snacks and pizza parties for various dance events. We provided free dance space for the West Coast Gang, gave monetary donations to dancers in need and provided free beginner lessons.  Through the years TBWCSA, a 501(c)7  volunteer organization, has supported and encouraged dancers to participate in local and national dance competitions.  We are so proud of the WCS community and all TBWCSA has been able to achieve. TBWCSA is thankful for the many individuals, instructors, and deejays who gave of their time and talent to make the community of WCS dancers grow.

Although the board decided to discontinue our weekly dance, we will continue this website that contains a calendar of WCS lessons and dances in our area as well as lesson videos from our past events.

We wish the community all the best in the years to come with many new dance venues and events in the area.  Keep dancing and we will see you on the dance floor.

Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association Board