Danielle Blouin

Danielle Blouin-Oates

Danielle Blouin

Mixing style and grace, Danielle is a diverse dancer with extensive training in West Coast Swing, Country, and Ballroom dance styles. She began dancing at the age of 5 with training in Ballet, Jazz, Modern Dance and Gymnastics. Expanding on her dance background, she had a successful entertainment career in High Diving, Fire Diving, and performing Trapeze shows at theme parks throughout the country. Danielle holds 2 World titles and 12 top teacher awards on the UCWDC circuit, including top teacher for Worlds 2007, 2008, 2009. On the West Coast Swing circuit, she has placed 1st in Rising Star at Swing Dance America, 1st in Sophisticated Strictly at Dance Mardi Gras and 4th in the Pro Division at Tampa Bay Classic. She also loves doing competitions with her pro am students and 22 of them have won World Titles on the UCWDC Circuit or Top 3 in solos and strictlys on the West Coast Swing circuit over the past 12 years.

Danielle is most passionate about helping others expand their knowledge and enjoyment of dance. She is known for her dedication to her students and for creative, entertaining workshops that are enjoyable for dancers of all levels. Currently teaching in the Tampa area, she runs Tampa Floorplay and Floorplay Meets Country which hosts 2 of the largest ongoing West Coast Swing dances in the state of Florida.

Danielle is available for: Private lessons, Choreography, Group Classes, Judging, and Event Coordination.