Russ Morris & Tina Castle

Tina & Russ

Russ & Tina began teaching together about September of 2016. Both of them have about 10 years of West Coast Swing Experience. They enjoy helping others achieve an understanding of how beautiful this dance is.

Tina Castle

Tina has been on the board and a past president.

WCS Beginner Instructor. Tina teaches the basics & technique, but likes to have fun too. She can get you from beginner to intermediate, then send you off to a more advanced instructor or she can be a dance practice partner for pointers.

Tina practice out of her shop in the afternoons.


In 2009, Tina linked up with a really great and highly compatible West Coast Swing Dance partner, John Henning. Sadly, John has since passed away and now Tina dances with Russ Morris.

Tina has been dancing since 1987 in many different genres of dance including, hip-hop, line dancing, two step, various ballroom and west coast swing. She has met many interesting and influential people along the way whom she still admires and learns from. Tina has her own business, Cute Cuts Pet Grooming in Largo, and is on the board of TBWCSA. Together, they are establishing a reputation as a well-regarded dance instruction team. John says it is all Tina, Tina says they are a good team.