Tampa Bay Classic Pro Dance

$5 – for – 2 1/2 minutes 

BETWEEN 9:00 – 10:00 PM

You can sign up and dance 1 song (2 1/2 minutes long) with one of the pros for $5.00.  Here are links to see the Pros dancing.
Here is the Deal:
  • It is a treat to be able to dance with really great dancers, and the Pros at TBC are super Dancers.
  • Rather than standing in line and waiting and hoping to get a turn, dancers can pay $5 for a scheduled time to dance with the Pros.
  • You can Choose a social dance or a micro-Lesson. In a micro-lesson, the pro will dance with you and give you 1 or 2 pointers to improved your dancing.
  • There are 20 slots per Pro, so sign up NOW.
  • On Sunday morning we will release all open slots to the TBC weekend passholders.

Important Note:  TBWCSA Member get FIRST choice of signing up!

Bruce danced with Bonnie Subey, Heather Powers and Tashina Beckmann at the dance so far, and they were some of my best dances for the weekend.  I am definitely going to sign up for at least 1 more dance with each of these pros.  It is money well spent!!

These are some of the top Pro Leaders in the US.  Take advantage of this opportunity and sign up BEFORE we release the list to everyone else on Sunday morning!!

 WCS and Hustle 

Billy Marti is a great Hustle dancer and WCS dancer.
Erica Smith is great Hustle dancer and WCS dancer.

To prepay for a dance with your favorite pro, click on their name.  You may add as many pros as you like (select one at a time, then add to cart) at $5.00 per dance.

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