Keith & Margaret Little

Keith and Margaret Little are a couple whose passion for dance and dedication to academic success have shaped their extraordinary journey in the world of competitive dance. With over 25 years of dance experience and doctorate degrees in education, they have left their mark in the academic and competitive dance realms. Their academic backgrounds bring a unique perspective to their approach to dance education and community building.

In 2003, Keith and Margaret won the UCWDC Div. III world championship.  While competing on the UCWDC circuit, they won numerous event titles at the Div. III, Div. II, and Div. I level.  On the West Coast Swing circuit, Keith and Margaret competed at the Open in the Rising Star division and regularly compete in Jack & Jill, Strictly Swing, and pro-am divisions.

With a shared love for dance and West Coast Swing, Keith and Margaret Little formed KML Creative Solutions LLC. Their vision was simple yet profound – to increase awareness of West Coast Swing, foster a vibrant dance community, and provide an inclusive space for dancers of all levels to flourish. This led to the creation of WestieSRQ in 2022.

WestieSRQ serves as the platform through which the culture of West Coast Swing is showcased and celebrated. From weekly classes to monthly social dance events and specialty workshops, WestieSRQ offers a diverse range of opportunities for both seasoned dancers and newcomers to immerse themselves in the magic of West Coast Swing.

Keith and Margaret do weekly Wednesday classes at

Sara Dance Studio, 2821 Cattlemen Road, Sarasota, FL 34232

Beginner class – Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm
Intermediate class – Wednesday 7:00-8:00pm with open practice after the lesson.

More information on classes, monthly dances, and workshops can be found at