Agnieszka (Agnes) Maslanka


Agnes Maslanka

Agnieszka (Agnes) Maslanka was born in Opole, Poland and trained in hip-hop, contemporary, acrobatics, and traveled across Europe with her dance troupe. In 2003 she came with her family to the sunny and snow free Clearwater, Florida, USA and organized and choreographed small pieces with a youth group at a church. It was then that a woman approached her with an article about free West Coast Swing dance classes. Thus in August of 2009 is where Agnes began learning WCS from two wonderful dance and life coaches: Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman. She is now an addition to Florida’s finest instructors and dancers, and travels as a competitor and an instructor across the U.S.

To contact Agnes please send her a message to: or Facebook: Agnieszka Maslanka

And/or call/text: 727-557-4036