Newsletter – Dec. 1, 2014

Dear TBWCSA Member,


FREE Holiday Dance – Dec. 5

TBWCSA is hosting its annual Holiday Dance this Friday. Dance and buffet starts at 7:30 pm (FREE for current Members, $10 for everyone else), which will include hot and cold buffet foods and desserts.  You are welcome to bring any items to share with the members.

There will be No Classes this Friday.

 Membership Renewal 

It is that time of year to renew your TBWCSA membership.  All memberships expire December 2014.  The club has been able to absorb two increases in rent and insurance premiums but we can no longer afford to do that.  The membership for 2015 is $40. and $25. for 21-under.  The weekly admission fee will be $7.  What do you get for your membership?  TBWCSA members get:

  • three FREE dances per year,
  • discounts to major events,
  • and a discount to our weekly dance

You can renew your membership at any of our Friday dances or if you prefer you may renew online via PayPal (here) .

New members can Register here, and pay for your TBWCSA membership via PayPal here or bring a check/cash to the Friday dance.

We thank you for your support and look forward to another exciting year as we grow the community of West Coast Swing dancers.  If you have a talent you wish to share we would love to hear from you. 

 Tampa Bay Classic Competition Results 

 TBWCSA Members who Placed in Top 5 

The following members, placed in the Top 5 of their respective competitions:

Jack and Jill

Jack and Jill Newcomer

Leader                            Follower

2       Randy lay                      Lindsay Cronk

5       Steven Sutton                Lindsay Cronk

Jack and Jill Novice

Leader                            Follower

2       Troy Myers                    Ariel Penu

3       Patrick Tran                  Karmila Zhou

Jack and Jill Intermediate

Leader                            Follower

2       Joann Blache               Jennifer Luke

3       Dustin Wheeler            Kimberly Simmons

5       Dan Yamamoto            Lean Doxakis

Jack and Jill Masters Novice

Leader                            Follower

1       Steve Sagraves            Linda Guetterman

5       Gary Cook                    Celia Reuss

Jack and Jill Masters Intermediate/Advanced

Leader                            Follower

2       Tommy Gibbs              Susan Downs

3       Derek Downs                 Renee Lipman

Jack and Jill All-Star

Leader                            Follower

3       James H                        Dallas Radcliffe

Jack and Jill Champions

Leader                            Follower

2       Hugo Miguez                Lemery Rollins

Pro-Am – Jack and Jill

Pro-Am Jack and Jill – Follower


2       Kimberly Grimshaw

Pro-Am Jack and Jill – Leader


2       John Penu

4       Steve Sagraves

Strictly Swing

Strictly Swing Novice

Leader                            Follower

3       John Penu                    Ariel Penu

Strictly Swing Intermediate

Leader                            Follower

2       Steven Currier               Jennifer Luke

3       Dan Yamamoto            Christina White

Strictly Swing Masters Open

Leader                            Follower

2       Tommy Gibbs              Renee Lipman

4       Bruce Park                    Ann Marie Denis

Strictly Swing Advanced

Leader                            Follower

4       Dustin Wheeler            Desie Damaso

5       Christopher Sizelove  Amber Heddleson

Strictly Swing All-Stars

Leader                            Follower

2       Tommy Gibbs              Sheli Schroeder

Strictly Swing Champions

         Leader                            Follower

1       Matt Auclair                   Agnieszka Maslanka

2       Hugo Miguez                Kellese Key

Pro-Am Strictly Swing

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Masters – Follower

AM                                  Pro

2       Laura McCann              James Formelio

5       Patricia Jimenez          Sheven Kekoolani

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Masters – Leader

AM                                  Pro

3       Steve Sagraves            Danielle Blouin – Oates

4       Gary Cook                    Danielle Blouin – Oates

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Int/Adv – Follower

AM                                  Pro

3       Kimberly Grimshaw    Hugo Miguez

5       Essie Jennings             James Formelio

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Int/Adv – Leader

AM                                  Pro

3       Dan Yamamoto            Stacy Kay

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Novice – Follower

AM                                  Pro

3       Brittany Coy                   Hugo Miguez

4       Ariel Penu                     Stephen White

Pro-Am Strictly Swing – Novice – Leader

AM                                  Pro

2       John Penu                    Agnieszka Maslanka

4       Gary Cook                    Stacy Kay

Routine Division

Classic – Routine

4       Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay

Masters Tour – Routine

1       Paul Stewart and Lois Petersen

2       Buzz McCreary and Debra McCreary

Pro-Am – Routine – Followers

5       Laura McCann and Jimmy Formelio

Pro-Am – Routine – Leaders

1       Patrick Tran and Agnieszka Maslanka

Upcoming Calendar (click here) 

New Years – Jan. 2 =  NO Dance  

** NO Dance on Friday, Jan. 2, 2015 **

Here is a list of the FloorPlay dances for the remainder of the year (subject to change) @ the Bayou Dance Club. 

7:45-Midnight.  $10 includes lesson, dance, water, soda, snacks, pizza and door prizes.

Dec 20 –  FloorPlay (PJ Turner – guest instructor)

  • 4pm Doors Open/Check In 
  • 4:15-5:15- “Act and React”
  • 5:30-6:30- “Contrast Your Dance” 
  • 6:30-7:30- Pizza Party and Open Dancing for those that attended the workshops
  • 7:30-8:30pm- “Get Your Groove On”
  • 8:30-1am- Floorplay Christmas Dance
  • Cost: $40 for 3 Workshops, pizza & dance (Cash or Check)
  •  or
  • $15 per workshop during the day 
  • $15 for evening workshop and dance
  • $10 for evening dance only (must arrive AFTER 8:30pm)

·  Dec 27 –  FloorPlay

Monday WCS with Tommy & Renee

Classes @ Bayou Dance Club with Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman

6:00 pm. Free WCS Basics

6:30 pm. Advanced Basics: Move your feet

7:15 pm. Musicality: Move your body

8:00 pm. Free 20 minute practice session to try out what you just learned.

Cost $10 per class or $15 for both classes. Feel free to drop in.

Tuesday Danielle’s Classes

Classes are at the Bayou Dance Club.

Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday (starting on Nov. 11)

Mix of dances:  Country 2-Step, Nightclub 2-Step, Hustle, Cha-Cha

$10 Class & Dance.

Tuesday Tampa WCS Beginners

with Hugo & Stacy

Classes are at Zendah Grotto (4402 W Ohio Ave, Tampa, FL 33614)

7:00 – 8:00 Group Class 

8:00 – 11:00 WCS Social Dance 

Group Class & Social : $12 

Social Dance Only : $10 

Free Parking

Thursday WCS Novice, Intermediate & Advanced

with Hugo & Stacy 

Technique/Concept Classes are at the Bayou Dance Club. 

Learn technique, combinations, musicality, and styling from Florida’s best couple EVERY Thursday at Bayou Dance Club! Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay are precise technical dancers, capable of breaking down complex and difficult concepts to dancers quickly and efficiently in their innovative West Coast Swing group class and practice dance.

7:00 – 8:00 Advanced Beginner ($5 Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association Members)

8:00 – 9:00 Intermediate

9:00 – 9:30 Practice Dance 

9:30 – 10:30 Advanced (Invite Only – Intermediate WSDC)

$10 Per Group Class