2015 – Tampa Bay Classic

Jack and Jills:


2, Dan Poor and Tanya Us

5, Sean Savish and Sherry Seagle


2, Robert Leander and Carly Guerra

3, Les Wardell and Brianne Nelson


1, Keith Penu and Maria Sanchez

3, Patrick Foley and Laura Mackie

5, Jonah Grimes and Ariel Penu


1, John Penu and Rose Duffy

2, Brian Bennett and Allysa Rees

3, Dustin Wheeler and Taylor Kirby

5, Chris Sizelove and Pam Bennett


2, Mike Carringer and Renee Lipman

3, Tommy Gibbs and Kelly Hull

4, JC Bryant and Trish Berlanga

5, Tommy Brodie and Whitney Bartlett

All American

2, Brian Bennett and Eunice Wong

4, Derek Leyva and Pam Bennett

Masters Novice

1, Dennis Bleakley and Roberta Pearlstein

2, Dean Maheras and Carol Baldwin

3, Leo Domingo and Teresa Sagraves

4, Larry Rosenbaum and Bonnie Kissam

Masters Intermediate/Advanced

3, Dwight Miller and Suma Datta

4, Scott Dawson and AnnMarie Denis

5, Les Cheong and Donna Purcell


4, Robert Royston and Stacy Kay

Gender Neutral

3, Nicki Silton and John Penu

5, Paul Stewart and JC Bryant

Pro Am Follwers

1, Ariel Penu

Pro Am Leaders

1, Dan Yamamoto

3, Keith Penu

Strictly Swings:


1, Caleb Bergstrom and Rayna Chandra


1, Keith Penu and Amber Heddleson

5, Bruce Park and Ann Marie Denis


1, John Penu and Rose Duffy

2, Chris Sizelove and Ariel Penu

4, Chris Vartuli and Pam Bennett

5, Butch Nelson and Allysa Rees


3, Dan Yamamoto and Marine Fabre


2, Les Cheong and Renee Lipman

3, Bruce Park and AnnMarie Denis

Pro Am Leaders – Novice

3, Christian Josey and Agnes Maslanka

Pro Am Leaders – Intermediate/Advanced

1, Keith Penu and Stacy Kay

Pro Am Leaders – Masters

2, Bruce Park and Agnes Maslanka

5, Dennis Pearson and Danielle Blouin-Oates

Pro Am Followers – Intermediate/Advanced

1, Ariel Penu and Hugo Miguez

5, Blair Greenfield and Bryan Jordan

Pro Am Followers – Masters

3, Ann Marie Denis and Jimmy Formelio

4, Eugennia Jennings and Jimmy Formelio

5, Celia Reuss and Hugo Miguez


4, Kris Swearingen and Agnes Maslanka


Pro Am Leaders

2, Dennis Pearson and Agnes Maslanka

Pro Am Followers

3, Essie Jennings and Jimmy Formelio

4, Pat Jimenez and Hugo Miguez

Rising Star

2, John Penu and Ariel Penu

3, Keith Little and Margaret Little


1, Paul Stewart and Lois Peterson


4, Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay