Board Nomination Form


I volunteer and agree to be nominated as a Director for the Board of TBWCSA. I understand that my responsibilities as a board member will include the following:

1) Attending board meetings & participating in discussions on improving the TBWCSA. (Usually 4-6 board meetings per year, conference call meetings and adding input via email).

2) I will assume one of the Board functions as listed and be responsible to fulfill those duties as best as I can. I realize that the board does not need “members-at-large”, and that every board member needs to actively support and work to help the organization operate effectively.

3) Assisting with the dances and events sponsored by TBWCSA.

4) Every board member is expected to be a Dance Ambassador for TBWCSA by greeting attendees of our dances, and asking others to dance, especially new members and visitors; and to be actively engaged to make our dances a welcoming event.

5) Every board member is expected to help with Marketing and Promoting the TBWCSA club. This includes passing out business cards, taking TBWCSA flyers to dances and other events, etc.



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Please select 1 or more of the committees or responsibilities you would agree to participate in.

President                   VP                      Secretary Treasurer

Dance Mgr                Music/DJ            Instructors & Scheduling

Webmaster               Communications & Social Networking