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TBWCSA is a 501(C)7 non-profit organization.  All of our proceeds go back to members in the form of discounts to our dances and other special events.

Membership is only $40 per calendar year. For those under 22, the cost is only $25. Being a member saves you $3 each time you attend our dance.   We also have at least two free dances each year for members.

You can download an application here and bring it with you to our dance or get one at our dance.  You can also pay online through PayPal using your PayPal account or credit card. A service charge of $1 will be added automatically.

Join TBWCSA to get these discounts using the Online Membership form:


*** Tampa Bay Classic Specials! ***

 New Member “Buddy Program”

(Stadium Reserved Seating) Group Discount – GoDanceUSA will offer discounted weekend passes to 5 New* WCS dancers and who have joined TBWCSA in 2014, who will attend with a “Veteran Member”.

  • For Weekend Passes: 2+ Year Members will pay $120 each and New Members will pay $75.
  • If you are interested in this program, please contact


TBC Buddy Program

Social Dancers Package = $95

This is a pass for those who just want to attend the Evening Social Dancing: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun, approximately 8 pm-closing every night.


TBC Social Dancer Package


Purchase by November 5th – Online at
Day-Night Passes                              Cost            TBWCSA
Thursday Pass                                   $   30
Friday All Day Pass                            $   55
Friday Night Pass                               $   35
Saturday All Day Pass                        $   65
Saturday Night Pass                           $   40
Sunday All Day Pass                          $   40
Sunday After Party                             $   15              $   5   pay-at-door
Social Dance Package                                               $ 95 

(Evening Dancing: Thurs, Fri, Sat, Sun. 8pm-closing)

Weekend Passes                              Cost            TBWCSA
Weekend (no reserved seating)        $  149
Weekend (Stadium Seating)             $  155            Buddy Program
Weekend Spectator  $   80
Weekend (junior-youth)                   $   15



Join TBWCSA to get these discounts using the Online Membership form:

Join TBWCSA to get these discounts and

to purchase these TBWCSA Specials Online: