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West Coast Swing Newsletter
Tampa Bay
1/17 – 1/23
Westie Wednesday at Bayou with Danielle Blouin-Oates. 6:30pm– Doors Open/Open Dancing. 6:45-7:30– Novice $10 Must be comfortable with side pass, sugar push, tucks, folds, turns and whips. 7:30-7:45– Practice/Open Dancing. 7:45-8:30– Intermediate $10. 8:30-10- WCS Party. ($15 for both classes).
TBWCSA at Suncoast Ballroom,
Instructor Paul Fairbanks.
DJ Mike Monaco.
7:00pm Doors Open. Everything Chocolate.
7:15pm Intermediate lesson ($5 each person).
8:00pm Beginner push break (Free to all).
8:30-11pm Open Dancing ($7 members or $10 non-members).
You are welcome to bring a snack to share; snacks and water provided.
no dance
Carolina Shag with Renee Lipman. Free Beginner class at 3 pm. $10 Footwork and Variation class 3:30 – 4:30 pm. Contact Renee for location.
6:00 pm Free West Coast Swing Basics for new dancers and those who want to learn the “other” side.
6:30 pm Advanced Basics, Connection and Rhythm, $10 per class
7:15 pm Musicality, Listen for the Phrase Change, $10 per class
$15 for both the 6:30 and 7:15 class in one night
Taught by Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman, at Bayou
Ballroom 66, 7:00-8:00 beginner class with John Penu and Ariel Penu and intermediate class with Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay. 8:00 – 11:00 Social Dance. Group Class & Social: $15. Social Dance Only: $10.
Coming Soon
Floorplay Neon Party, January 27, 2018
Inspirational Quote
“Even if you are on the right track, you won’t get anywhere if you are standing still.”
– Will Rogers
You Tube Video
Click on each of the links below to watch these videos:

What is West Coast Swing, Documentary by Brianne Cline

If you missed it in the movies, you can order the dvd:
If you have a youtube video of yourself or a favorite video of other west coast dancers, send it to me and I’ll put it in the newsletter.
Dance Events
If you have never been to a dance event, you may want to consider going to one.


A dance event is generally made up of the following:

Workshops – topics can range from patterns, to musicality, to technique tips

Competitions – fun to watch or take part in. Remember that you do not have to compete in order to attend and enjoy one of these events

Social dancing – there are all levels of dancing, from beginners to professionals.


Attending a dance event will inspire you.


Private Lessons – you can book a private lesson with one of the top professionals in the country…their prices range from $60 to over $100 per hour


What does it cost to attend?

Airfare – depends on where you’re going and when you book

Hotel – about $130 per room (can be shared)

Event ticket – about $100 – 150 and may include some workshops

Workshops – about $10 each when not included

Competitions – about $15-25 per person per competition

Food – depends on your appetite


If you’re interested in finding out about upcoming dance events around the country, check out this website: World Swing Dance Council



Ongoing Weekly Classes
(this is a general guide – defer to actual schedule above)
6:00 pm Free West Coast Swing Basics for new dancers and those who want to learn the “other” side.
6:30 pm Advanced Basics, $10 per class or $30 for the 5 week series
7:15 pm Musicality, $10 per class or $30 for the 5 week series
$15 for both the 6:30 and 7:15 class in one night
Best Deal: $50 for all classes in the 5 week series
Taught by Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman, at Bayou
Ballroom 66, 7:00-8:00 beginner class with John Penu and Ariel Penu and intermediate class with Hugo Miguez and Stacy Kay. 8:00 – 11:00 Social Dance. Group Class & Social: $15. Social Dance Only: $10.
West Coast Wednesdays with Danielle Blouin at Bayou. 7 pm– Novice $5. 7:30pm– Practice. 7:45pm– Intermediate $10. 8:30-9:30– Social Dance
Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association at Suncoast Ballroom. 7:15 – 8:00 $5 Pattern Class. 8:05 to 8:30 Free Newcomer Class. 8:30 – 11:30 Dance $5 members, $10 non-members.
2nd Saturday Floorplay WCS and Country with Danielle Blouin at Bayou. $12
4th Saturday: Floorplay with Danielle Blouin at Bayou. 7:45 Lesson, 8:30 Dance. $12 including the lesson. Free water, soda and pizza, and you can bring a snack to share.

Carolina Shag. 3 pm Free Beginner Class. 3:30 – 4:30 Patterns and Footwork $10. Check above to make sure there is a lesson each week and for the location.

Local Instructors
Danielle Blouin’s website is Check out the happenings page for events around town. Privates in swing or country for singles or small groups. Contact Danielle at 813-390-2556
Bobby Caudill, 727-804-6612 or Contact him for private lessons.
Tina Castle # is 727-288-1210 & Russ Morris # is 727-768-2932 available for privates.
Jimmy Formelio and Cindy Meyer are available for private lessons and small group classes by appointment. Phone 727-742-3489
Tommy Gibbs and Renee Lipman, 727-698-0171 or Check us out at Facebook, available for private lessons
Jane Hance, Dance Instructor of West Coast Swing and other dances. eastwestswinger@yahoo.com619-203-1922
Hugo Miguez & Stacy Kay are available for private lessons, group classes and choreography. Check them out on www.HugoandStacy.Dance or on Facebook at
Tina Price, available for group and private lessons,

Ballroom 66, 10001 66th St N, Pinellas Park
Gulfport Casino, 5500 Shore Blvd S, Gulfport


Click here to read newspaper articles about the Gang:

July 2011 Clearwater Beacon article

August 2009 Article introducing the Gang


General interest article:

Use it or Lose it: Dancing makes you smarter




Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association, Check out the calendar which includes information on all WCS dances and group lessons in Tampa Bay.




West Coast Gang Find us on Facebook

Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association Find us on Facebook


Dancewear – Apparel and accessories for west coast swing dancers.


Looking to buy dance shoes…


The Shoe Inn located inside the Bayou Dance Club now stocks swing shoes in several varieties for both ladies and men. The very popular Comfort line, as well as Aris Allen, Supadance, Ray Rose, and Anna Kern are in stock. Just let us know what your favorites are and we will make every attempt to keep them in inventory for you.  Don’t ever get stuck with the shoes you bought online that don’t fit you properly. Store hours are 2:30 to 7:30 PM Monday – Friday and Saturday 11:00 – 4:00 PM. Please mention that you saw the ad in the newsletter.

Monna Ferguson

The Shoe Inn

On Pointe Dancewear. Store Hours until 7:30 p.m. during the week. 2113 Central Ave., St. Petersburg, FL, (727)895-1111.


You can buy them online at Discount Dance.  You can get a 10% discount the first time if you use the code, TP61900.  You may need to buy them smaller than your street shoe.


Alice Blue Gown. 8462 Lockwood Ridge in Sarasota which is at the corner of University and Lockwood Ridge. The phone is 941.351.1369.


Dance Etiquette
Do you have questions about West Coast Swing…not sure who to ask… Click here to download an article that may answer many of your questions about west coast swing…if you still have questions, send us an email.


The topic is “critiquing” your social dance partners, and how that may turn off your partners:


Help make us a friendly group by asking someone new or someone you don’t know to dance.  Men ask women…women ask men…don’t be shy.  And please remember, we were all beginners at some point.


There is no place for criticism on the dance floor, especially for those just learning.  We are all here to have fun – the dance skills will improve with time and patience!  Again, please read the attached document.




The purpose of this newsletter is to promote West Coast Swing and Carolina Shag. If you are hosting a west coast swing event and would like to have the information posted here, please send an email to and include all information you would like listed. Emails must be received by Tuesday at 6 p.m. The information may be edited. Disclaimer to readers: It is up to the instructor/host to give us the correct information but we cannot guarantee that they have done so. If they don’t send it, we don’t search for it.


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