Board of Directors

Tampa Bay West Coast Swing Association
2016-2017 Board of Directors


Tina Castle

Also in charge of instructor scheduling, Tina has been on the board since the club began.

She was a great partner with the late John Henning and now teaches with Russ Morris.


Vice President

Lisa RepettoLisa Repetto

Lisa joined the board this year as vice president.  She is from the San Francisco Bay Area where she began WCS dancing over 10 years ago.  Former Boogie by the Bay committee member, co-host of the monthly WCS dance “Groovin’ Swing “ and membership manager of Napa Dance Club, she has attended numerous dance conventions and competes at the intermediate level.  She also enjoys volunteer work and has logged over 1,000 hours with the USO primarily welcoming military service personnel at the Tampa airport lounge.

When not dancing, she enjoys the outdoors, social activities with friends, travel and her two dogs.



Sherry Perkins



Carol Ann Baldwin

Dance Party Team (DPT) Director

My career had been in teaching high school math but always loved to dance.  My first dance experience was “hustle”.  That is when I met Bradd.  He got me involved in ballroom.  We stopped dancing for 25 years while we were busy with soccer, baseball, track and music lessons for our three sons.  After our boys were in college we decided to start back to dancing where we were introduced to WCS but we did not have any pros to teach us correctly.  On Long Island we mostly did ballroom but started going to WCS weekends and started loving the dance and the music.

When we were deciding where to live in retirement, we researched different areas and decided on Tampa Bay based on the availability of group classes  and socials. We are very happy with our decision

DJ Manager

Lisa Repetto

Instructor Manager

Tina Castle (see above)

PamBInstructor Manager

Pam Bennett

Dance Party Team, Special Dances

Pam is an All-Star WCS competition dancer.

Dance Manager

Sarah Johnson

Facebook Managers

Sherry Perkins

Eileen Kolynich


Steve Diesel

Russ Morris

Eileen Kolynich